IUE-CWA 2017-18 Scholarship Application Form

Important Instructions – READ FIRST:

While you may apply to all scholarships for which you are eligible, you can only win in one category per year. ONLY apply for scholarships for which you are qualified. Please read the individual scholarship rules on the main scholarship page to determine which scholarships apply to you.

Please fill out the application below  to be considered for our scholarships. You must submit a required essay of no less than 300 and no more than 500 words, which includes all of the following:

1)Information on the student’s community involvement/volunteer work

2)The student’s career goals and aspirations

3)What the labor movement means to the students, and what impact it has had on his or her life.

** If the student in interested in a field related to organized labor, please note that as well.

The essay must be proofread and edited and saved as an M.S. Word document titled firstname_lastname.doc (fill in the applicant’s first and last names) and uploaded to the website with the application.

*All scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, sex, creed, color, age, or national origin.

**Winners are required to provide an electronic photograph of themselves for publication in the IUE News before a check can be issued.

Submissions are now closed.