Local Trustee

Duties of the Local Union Trustees

“A woman’s place is in her union.”
Coalition of Labor Union Women (CL UVV)

As elected officials, you are responsible for safeguarding the local union’s assets and assuring that the finances are handled in accordance with the IUE Constitution, by-laws and code of ethics.

Your observance of the “Basic Trustee Procedures” will assist you in properly discharging these responsibilities.

Basic Trustee Procedures:

When Required by International And Local Constitution:

Examination of Cash Receipts Records:

  1. Examine all documents in support of entries in cash receipts record, including company check-off letters, duplicate copies of receipts for cash dues, steward’s receipts, etc.
  2. Check totals in cash receipts book for possible errors in addition.
  3. Trace receipts to deposits shown by bank statements or entries in savings accounts passbooks.

Examination of Cash Disbursement Records:

  1. The trustees should satisfy themselves that every entry in the cash disbursement record is supported by a properly approved voucher.
  2. The vouchers should be examined in detail.
  3. All canceled checks received from the bank should be checked back to the disbursement record, and the date, payee, number, amount, and endorsements checked. Determine that the checks are signed by the proper local officers.
  4. Check totals in cash disbursement book for possible errors in addition.
  5. Examine check book to determine that blank checks are not signed in advance.

Reconciliation of Cash Balance per Books with Balance per Bank Statement

  1. Determine amount of deposits in transit at end of month. This amount should represent receipts recorded immediately prior to date of bank statement.
  2. Determine amount of checks outstanding (i.e. checks issued and recorded which have not been returned by bank).
  3. To the balance shown by the bank statement, add the deposits in transit and deduct the outstanding checks. The results total should equal the cash balance shown by the books.

General Procedures:

  1. Keep a complete inventory and make a periodic accounting for all furniture and equipment.
  2. Verify all investments (bonds, etc.) and real estate. Determine that such items are properly titled to the local union.
  3. Determine that adequate insurance, such as fidelity bonds, fire, burglary and liability, is carried for the protection of the local.
  4. Make report on examination to membership and executive board meetings.
  5. Determine that all receipts from fund-raising activities (dinners, etc.) are properly recorded on local’s records.
  6. On expiration of term, relinquish all work papers and other data to newly elected trustees.

The trustees should familiarize themselves with the requirement of the IUE Code of Ethical Practices, their local union’s constitution and by-laws and any other documents governing the administration of the local’s financial affairs. They should exercise the utmost care and diligence in satisfying themselves that the local’s finances are being administered in accordance with the requirements set forth in such documents.