A Worker's Memorial Day Message from President Carl Kennebrew.

Mar 19, 2020

IUE-CWA Brothers and Sisters,

Today, April 28th, is Worker’s Memorial Day.  Each year, we pause on this day to remember our fellow workers who have died as a result of workplace injuries and illnesses. Over the past year, the majority of IUE-CWA Workers were deemed essential and required to work throughout the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, some with sub-standard safety protocols.  Many IUE-CWA members fell ill, and too many fell victim to this disease and lost their lives. We remember them today, mourn their loss, grieve for their families, and honor them for their work.  

 It is not enough, however, to simply mourn those we have lost.  We must honor them by re-dedicating ourselves to fighting for the positive change that will stop these injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the future.  Our best chance to make that change is in getting the PRO-Act passed.  The PRO-Act will increase safety provisions for workers and save lives.  The PRO-Act will make it possible for more workers to organize and have a say in the conditions within their workplaces.  The PRO-Act will strengthen worker rights and hold employers accountable.

Please join in our efforts to get this historic legislation passed.  Call your Senator today and ask them to support the PRO-Act.   Ask your Local brothers and sisters to do the same.  We only have a chance if we all raise our voices together.  Do it for everyone we have lost.  Do it for the workers who will follow us.   I am grateful for all that you do every day.  On this day, help us create a safer world for all workers.

In Unity,

Carl Kennebrew