A Force for Working Families

As the Industrial Division of CWA, IUE-CWA represents a force of 150,000 active and retired men and women united collectively to seek dignity on the job and a secure future for ourselves, our children and all future generations. The Division is headed by President Jim Clark



Jim Clark – IUE President

Jim Clark has been the president of IUE-CWA, the Industrial Division of the Communications Workers of America, since April 2005.

In that position, he oversees activities in the union’s manufacturing division, which covers nearly 300 local unions and more than 60,000 active members.  Clark currently is spearheading the Division’s

attempt to improve union members’ job security by bringing a union-friendly version of high performance, or lean, manufacturing into IUE-CWA worksites. He also is championing the creation of green jobs to restore jobs to America’s blighted heartland and increase our nation’s national security.

Clark sits on the AFL-CIO Industrial Union Council and is an outspoken leader in calling for fair trade laws and a revitalized U.S. manufacturing policy. He sits on the Department of Labor’s Trade Labor Advisory Committee and on the Executive Board for the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council.
As a vice president of CWA, Clark also sits on the CWA Executive Board.  There, his responsibilities include oversight of the union’s operations and finances through his seat on the board’s Strategic Planning and Budget Committee.  He also is working on a nationwide effort to mobilize CWA members in an effort to win a national health care initiative.

Clark hails from IUE-CWA’s founding local, Local 755, in Dayton, Ohio, where he worked his way up from committeeman and vice president to serving two terms as shop chairman, the local’s chief negotiator. Clark remains the only chairman in Local 755’s over 50-year history to be honored by the membership with unopposed re-election to a second term.

In February 2001 and 2005, Clark was unanimously elected chairman of the IUE-CWA Automotive Conference Board. As chairman, he oversaw contract negotiations and implementation at the local and national levels for five major automotive companies, covering more than 17,000 IUE-CWA members at General Motors, Delphi, Valeo, DMAX and Visteon.

In the economically precarious world of auto parts suppliers, Clark has stood out for taking a common sense and innovative approach to bargaining that preserves good jobs while recognizing the economic realities of the global marketplace.  Clark is also known for efforts to reduce health care costs through community initiatives to assess needs and utilization and through education to members and health care providers.

Clark has studied business law, arbitration, labor studies, collective bargaining and grievance handling at Wright State University and Sinclair College. He has been a member of the union for more than 30 years.