GE Members Rally!

Feb 10, 2023

“When I say UNION, you say POWER, UNION…”

As GE moves to split up into three separate companies, GE workers across the country  remain united. Union members and elected leadership from GE plants in Massachusetts, Kansas, Kentucky, and the IUE-CWA International traveled to meet up with our Schenectady, NY brothers and sisters to let GE know that when it comes to bargaining a fair and strong contract, we mean business. We marched in hundreds from Local 301’s offices to the GE plant and were joined by Local AFL-CIO unions and other allies. Together we pulled off the largest national direct action by GE workers in years.

Millions witnessed and heard our call for change at GE as newspapers and television cameras turned out in droves. Above all, GE heard our demands loud and clear as we prepare to head into national contract negotiations in the late Spring 2023. We want GE to reinvest in its American workforce and protect jobs, ensure retirement security, improve pay, catch up with inflation and cut spiraling healthcare. 

The solidarity felt amongst workers was contagious and left those who couldn’t attend asking what happened. The members who were there were energized to share their experience with members back in the plant and called on their involvement for the upcoming fight.  “It’s the company's biggest fear to see us all standing together in demanding a fair contract. We heard from President Kennebrew and the negotiating team and the message they all shared was clear. We’re ready now more than ever to fight for what we deserve and we’re ready to do it together!” said Christopher Moody of a GE Campaign Captain and member at Local 81201. 

This direct action is one of many actions happening at the GE sites over these next several months. GE workers will continue to organize both in and outside of the shop to win a fair contract. 

Check out the recap video from the rally here (include QR code and )