Skilled Trades Program

IUE-CWA Skilled Trades Program

The birth of our current program can be traced back to June 1957 when the Executive Board of the International Union adopted a recommendation of the IUE Skilled Trades Council that Journeymen Cards be issued to eligible skilled tradesmen who are members of – and represented by – the IUE.

The program has evolved to meet the ever changing environment in the work place throughout the years. We have modified the process at different points in time. Journeyman Cards are now issued by the IUE-CWA Skilled Trades Committee through the Local Unions and continue to serve the basic purposes of the original recommendation adopted by the IUE in 1957

  1. Grant IUE-CWA recognition of a members journeyman status.
  2. Identify the occupations recognized as skilled by the IUE-CWA.
  3. Promote and encourage acquisition of skills by means of formal apprenticeship programs and enhancement of skills through continuous training and education.
  4. Maintain and promote high skilled trade standards throughout our industry.
  5. Assist in securing and maintaining employment in a skilled occupation.

Applications must be signed and sealed by the local union. Additionally, employers need to send a letter on their letterhead, confirming the employee is employed as a skilled trades employee. If you have any questions about the application, contact your Union hall or the Skilled Trades Chairman.

Contact Information

IUE-CWA Skilled Trades Chairman:


Attn: Skilled Trades Department
2701 Dryden Road, Dayton, OH 45439

Phone: 937-298-9984
Fax: 937-298-2636

Skilled Trades Application Form

The Program has 4 Primary Objectives:

  1. Identify the occupations recognized as skilled by the IUE.
  2. Promote and encourage acquisition of skills by means of formal apprenticeships and training programs.
  3. Maintain & promote high skilled trade standards throughout our industry.
  4. Assist in securing and maintaining employment in a skilled occupation.

Throughout the years since its inception, the IUE-CWA Journeyman Program has held to its original objectives. The list of IUE-CWA recognized skilled trades has been modified and expanded to address changes in manufacturing process, technical advances and the needs of the industries that employ our members.

Changes are also taking place due to IUE merging with the CWA, which does not have a Journeyman Card program. We are in the process of re-registering our Apprenticeship Program and we have held discussion to begin issuing Journeyman Cards to CWA locals.

The complete criteria for members to receive a Journeyman Card is defined in our IUE-CWA Skilled Trades Program Booklet but the following points are the General Rules of Thumb you need to know when applying for a Journeyman Card.

  1. Applicant MUST be a member currently employed in a recognized skill occupation in an IUE-CWA represented plant. (Retired members, members with recall rights and members who did not receive cards due to unusual situations may submit applications to be reviewed and considered.)
  2. Applicant must successfully complete an apprenticeship training program and supply proof of such.
  3. If the applicant has not acquired their Journeyman Skills through a recognized apprenticeship training program, such applicant must provide verifiable work records of six years in the trade. Tech School and training listed on the application must be supported with written documentation of such.
  4. Applicants including military service time in their work record must furnish detailed records of their actual military assignments and the actual job performed. A discharge certificate is not sufficient.
  5. In cases where an employer is uncooperative and an applicant cannot obtain work records, the applicant may submit work records in affidavit form. This affidavit must be accompanied by an additional supporting affidavit detailing the steps the applicant has taken to obtain work records from the company. This supporting affidavit must be co-signed by a local union officers, steward or committee members who have personal knowledge of the applicant’s attempts to procure work records from the company.

Screening / Review / Approval Process

The Local Union Skilled Trades Chairman/Committee is responsible for the initial screening of the application. Making sure all information such as job descriptions, support letters on company letterhead and information supplied by the applicant is correct.

The application is to be sent to the District Skilled Trades Office for additional review and consideration. Unsatisfactory application or supporting documentation received by the District Committee will be returned to the local union and the applicant will be responsible for making changes and/or obtaining additional records or information required.

If an application is rejected at any level of the process, the applicant will be advised with a written reason and have rights to appeal as stated in the Skilled Trades Booklet.

We have established the IUE-CWA Journeyman Card as a card with integrity through consistent application of the guidelines and proper review of all applications. When a member of your local union receives an IUE-CWA Journeyman’s Card, it is truly recognition of their special skills in their chosen occupation.