2024 Scholarship Winners

First Name Last Name Local Number Scholarship
Chenelle Cates 84775 James B. Carey
Athena Cote 81201 James B. Carey
Erin Moriarty 81255 James B. Carey
Ashanti Simmons 81381 James B. Carey
Angela Young 83770 James B. Carey
Madilyn Babb 81320 Jack Shea

IUE-CWA Scholarship Program

2024-25 Scholarship Applications are now open.

IUE-CWA Scholarship Eligibility Information

James B. Carey Scholarships

Five $4,000 scholarships. Children and grandchildren of all IUE-CWA members and IUE-CWA employees (including retired or deceased IUE-CWA members or employees) may apply.

Furniture Workers Willie Rudd Scholarship

One $2,500 scholarship. All IUE-CWA members and their Families of IUE-CWA Furniture Workers Locals may apply.

Jack Shea Memorial Scholarship

One $2,500 scholarship. All IUE-CWA members and their children or grandchildren shall be eligible.
Applicants must include with their application an essay on the subject of “The importance of organizing.”

*All scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, sex, creed, color, age, or national origin.